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Traditional Aikido Philippines


Iwama Aikido
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After a long wait, the Alfonso Dojo was opened with a simple gathering last February. The dojo is located in Alfonso Cavite a mere 10 minutes from Tagaytay and an hour drive away from the airport. Tagaytay is a popular moutain resort that has a cool weather all throughout the year.

The dojo's contruction started late last year. Saito Sensei came with his friend from Iwama and built the Shomen. This is the same carpenter who built the shomen in the Tanren Kan Dojo in Iwama.
Dennis Tatoian Sensei 7th Dan teaches 3 classes a day with the weapons training in the morning and Taijutsu in the afternoon. The Keiko in Alfonso adheres to the teaching and practice of Aikido in Iwama.